Fuel Cards

BP card

The BP card is accepted as a form of payment at BP sites Australia wide. All the transactions made on the card will be conveniently grouped onto your monthly Evans Petroleum statement.

This card allows you to put restrictions on the type of products that can be purchased and gives the option of a pin number or signature to authorise transactions. To offer these services BP charge a fee of $0.38/transaction outside the Evans Petroleum network and $0.05 per transaction at any Evans Petroleum owned and operated site, which will be applied to your account.

When the card is used at a BP site not part of the Evans Petroleum group the pump price of the fuel will be increased by $0.02/litre.

BP card

Evans Petroleum fuel card

The Evans Petroleum fuel card can only be used at Evans Petroleum service stations and will not incur any transaction fees. Restrictions can not be put on this card and authorisation is via signature only.

All major creditcards /motorcharge/ motorpass/ fleetcard are excepted at our sites.

EPG card