Fuel Cartage

Evans Petroleum Cartage offers a fuel transport service throughout Victoria where we can move your fuel from any BP/Mobil/Caltex/Shell terminals. Overtime we have established a large network of great customers who have come to rely on our professional and reliable service.

Our management team is conveniently available to discuss any issues in relation to the smooth operation and transportation of your fuel. Our reputation in the industry is outstanding for customer satisfaction. Our level of service is not a charge by the hour rate, it is provided as an extra benefit with the contract. Unfortunately, many multi-national companies cannot provide or guarantee such personal service.

As a dangerous goods carrier, we are diligent participants in the ADG code (Australian Dangerous Goods Code) and its associated model legislation.

We offer the following:

  • Professional drivers. we have a stable workforce of responsible drivers.
  • Customer focused service. When dealing with Evans Petroleum you will be assured of friendly, professional service. Your goods will be safely transported by the most efficient means available.
  • Dependable transport. With our large fleet of trucks we can meet most bulk cartage requirements with minimum notice.
  • Flexible outlook. We know that each customer is unique. We are happy to negotiate each contract on its own merits.