Fuel Delivery

Bulk Deliveries

Evans Petroleum has a locally based bulk fuel depot in Leongatha/Sale/Traralgon and a large fleet of delivery vehicles to meet all of your bulk fuel needs.

Our delivery fleet is operated by our experienced transport staff and distribution team who have an extensive regional knowledge and understanding. We offer specialised delivery suited to your needs and can be contacted at the head office for orders or further information in setting up your account.

Fuel Delivery

Storage Equipment

There are strict regulations and controls around bulk fuel storage. Evans Petroleum can offer advice into the options available to meet your fuel storage needs. Ranging from farm tanks and trailer tanks to large bulk fuel installations.

Tank Safety

Dispensing Equipment

We have access to a wide range of fuel dispensing equipment, starting from simple hand operated dispensing equipment to computerised industrial dispensing systems; you can select the best option for your business.