BP has long been acknowledged for its fuels technology expertise. Whether you need petrol or diesel, put BP fuel in your tank and you’re getting quality that has been designed by world-leading scientists and engineers. BP regular fuels are available as 91 and 95 octane unleaded petrols and as diesel.

BP fuels have real everyday quality you can rely on to look after your equipment so it will look after you. BP fuels. Quality you can trust.

Gippslander’s now have more access to the superior quality diesel than ever, with BP’s Ultimate Diesel now available at BP service stations in Wonthaggi, Inverloch, Foster and Traralgon.

With today’s diesel engines more at risk of harmful deposit build-up, use of inferior diesel can result in inefficient fuel injection and poor fuel economy, consequently adding costs to your operations.

BP Ultimate Diesel is specially formulated to help clean injectors and prevent deterioration of fuel economy, meaning better quality fuel spray, allowing the fuel to burn more smoothly and efficiently.

Here at Evans Petroleum, we run our own vehicle fleet on BP Ultimate Diesel to:

– Keep injectors clean

– Prevent harmful injector deposits

– Deliver up to 2.6% in fuel economy savings

– Restore optimum fuel efficiency

If you’re interested in running Ultimate Diesel in your fleet or vehicle please contact John Schelling on 0418 595346 or visit the BP Australia website for more information.


BP Ultimate Unleaded is no ordinary fuel, its an advanced performance fuel designed to be better for your vehicle whatever the make or model.

Formulated to clean your engine and help keep it clean, BP Ultimate Unleaded gives you more performance and less pollution. It also reduces exhaust emissions and is less harmful to the environment.

With ongoing use enjoy the benefits of more power, sharper acceleration and more kilometres. BP Ultimate Unleaded is an advanced, high-octane fuel. Its unique formulation contains a number of ingredients, each of which has been designed to perform a special task to help deliver the benefits of the fuel.